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I Rock This Station From Hawaii!

Awesome music, great staff at the station. Love the selection of tunes.

Beat rock station

I was stationed at Camp Lejuene from 2005-2007. I still listen to this station today on the app and it is just as good now as it was when I lived there. Oohrah Rock 105!

This is my home away from home

I hear bands here I never see on the other guys radio stations! Say it out loud RADIO MUSIC FURY!!!

True rawk!!!!!!

Love this station!! Never disappoints.... keep rockin....

Why won't it work?!

was so excited to get this app but it refuses to connect.

I want to like this App

But I'm having connectivity issues with Wifi and LTE as well.


Doesn't work, says it's having connection issues.

Doesn't work...

Says there's a network error when there shouldn't be. I use wifi and LTE. Every other station app I use works but this one.


Great radio station, needs an update no longer working!!!!!


Needs update won't play station . I've deleted the reinstalled but nothing happened but awesome station

Love the station

I love this station. I was stationes at camp Lejeune for 5 years and this was the only station I listened to. I was addicted to the T&A morning show. Now I'm stationed in Oki and want to keep listening. Problem is this app has never worked for me (not even in thr states). It'll work for 2 min then just constantly try and connect. App does the sane thing for my buddies still stationed at Lejeune. So the station I give 5 stars but the app gets 0 stars.


I first heard thus station on a trip I took to north Carolina. This station is better then any Rock station here in the NYC/NJ area! Now I have it!!


Yes! I love Rock 105.5, Carolinas Pure Rock

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