Rock 105.5 App Reviews

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True rawk!!!!!!

Love this station!! Never disappoints.... keep rockin....

Why won't it work?!

was so excited to get this app but it refuses to connect.

I want to like this App

But I'm having connectivity issues with Wifi and LTE as well.


Doesn't work, says it's having connection issues.

Doesn't work...

Says there's a network error when there shouldn't be. I use wifi and LTE. Every other station app I use works but this one.


Great radio station, needs an update no longer working!!!!!


Needs update won't play station . I've deleted the reinstalled but nothing happened but awesome station

Love the station

I love this station. I was stationes at camp Lejeune for 5 years and this was the only station I listened to. I was addicted to the T&A morning show. Now I'm stationed in Oki and want to keep listening. Problem is this app has never worked for me (not even in thr states). It'll work for 2 min then just constantly try and connect. App does the sane thing for my buddies still stationed at Lejeune. So the station I give 5 stars but the app gets 0 stars.


I first heard thus station on a trip I took to north Carolina. This station is better then any Rock station here in the NYC/NJ area! Now I have it!!


Yes! I love Rock 105.5, Carolinas Pure Rock

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